Wynne Claire Cahoon – My baby- Part 1

For those of you who don’t know me personally, I have 4 children. My first 3 children are boys and I  love them to death; however, I wanted a girl so bad and never thought I could actually make a girl. I just had my 4th baby and my precious princess arrived May 3rd, 2012 at 6:34am. I cannot even put to words how much I love her and love having a girl. She is so sweet. I was a little stressed the first few weeks of her life trying to capture every image that I could of her sweet newness. I think I took about 934 RAW images. No joke. Kinda ridiculous right? Well, maybe so, but you can never get those moments back. These images will forever help me remember her when she first came to our family. Sit back and relax…. cause this is only part 1. There are this many images or more for part 2. 🙂 I’m crazy. I know.

kristen - Oh my goodness, she.is.perfect. Thank you for sharing her with us. (((love)))

Lyndsay - These are really outstanding Ali. There are a few that I just adore! Most of the ones with the blue hat, particularly the shot when the focus is on her face (yellow background). Really beautiful.

Chaunva LeCompte - Every single image is perfect and so is she Ali!! Enjoy every moment with your baby girl (because she will always be!) and Congratulations to you and your family!! <3<3<3

Traci - Absolutely beautiful! How do you ever get anything done with such a gorgeous baby to photograph. Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing many more photos of her. 🙂

Leah Fedynak - I have been waiting to see some pics of your baby girl!! Such a cutie – can’t wait to meet her!

jeri - stunning! what a beautiful little girl you have!

audra - wow!!! love.love.love

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