Vancouver Trip with Ansen

My Husband had a Course these past few days in Langley, BC so Ansen and I decided to go along. I sometimes feel bad for him being the middle child as he does not get all the attention he wants. He needs A LOT. He is going to be my goof ball clown when he is older. He makes everyone laugh. I could barely take any pictures of him because he is always making a face. Nice. I was sooo looking forward to no snow there and the morning I work up, it was snowing a ton! I was sad but a few hours later is started to melt. I think I prefer snow to rain. We got to go to the Vancouver Aqaurium, Yogi Bear (by the way, DON’T go see-sooo dumb), and shopping. I loved every minute I got my spend with my little guy.

Coming up for March is going to be “MARCH MINI’S”. These are going to be “MINI” sessions, 1/2 hour long. I’ll give you all the details soon. There will only be 5 spots. If you have been wanting to get some pictures done by UrbanAlli Photography but don’t have a ton of extra cash, these are great because the session fee is going to be cheap. These will only happen this March. Stay Tuned.

Audrey Litfin - Adorable, that last one just makes me smile 🙂

Tracy - I know I say this all the time but really your kids are so cute and you take some really amazing pictures. I am glad that you had such a great time with your little man. 🙂

Tj - He is such a Ham!! What a cutie Allison.

Tj - He is such a ham! What a cutie Allison!

Leah Fedynak - Allison, I love the second photo of him looking in the snow. You are so lucky to have so many great photos of your boys that you can look back on.

Alli - Thanks ladies! These all make me smile as well. HE is such a funny kid.

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