The Reves Family

This is my good friend Sarah and her family. Sarah’s oldest son Zachery went to preschool last year with  my oldest son. What a cute little family eh? Beautiful day we had as well. It is September and it was 22 degrees. AMAZING. For all you who live in warm places, yes, this is warm and I don’t know what the conversion to fahrenheit would be. Enjoy Sarah. You guys look awesome and Jacob worked it.

Ok. I had to add this. Sorry Sarah. According to Tom (who is Sarah’s Husband) This is part of the family as well. 🙂 He loves his jeep. Ok, Sarah,  now you can slap Tom. 

Susan Marshall - The pictures are beautiful. You did an awesome job!

Sarah Reves - Allison, you are awesome. We love the pictures and how well you worked with the kids (they can be challenging to work with 😉 ). Wish I would have taken a picture of YOU…in bunny ears, playing a harmonica, jumping up and down, and taking our family photos…now THAT is a talented photographer. Great eye, so artistic. Thank you!!’

Mary Anne De Colle - These pictures are so beautiful!!!! What a wonderful family. Even the jeep looks fantastic!

UrbanAlli Photography - Thanks ladies…. beautiful Family!!1

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