The Meldrum Family

I am so excited to post this. I love this family. The two older girls, Janae and Rachel, are our babysitters all the time. We have a ton of great babysitters but I can always c0unt on these girls. My kids just love them. Mike, the father is the nicest person ever. He picks up my finished prints/albums and other stuff from my developer down town Edmonton. We both live in Beaumont and so he does this like at least one a week for me. He works down town and so it saves me SOOOOO much time and stress. ¬†Sometimes he even drops it off at my house. How lucky am I? He is seriously my life saver. Gorgeous family. I loved every minute of this shoot. Karen is the mom, but you can’t tell she is the mom because she looks so young. The boys are so handsome as well, Levi and Tyson. This blog is for you. Thanks for all you do for me! ****HUGS ****

I love the no smiling pictures…. I can’t do it myself very well…. but she pulls it off sooo well.

This. This is my favorite!!! What a cutie!

Good thing we did this when we did. I think it snowed like 4 days later. Karen REALLY wanted the fall leaves but of course, it got cold and windy WAY too fast and the leaves disappeared. This is my “little patch” of fall color that I found just for you Karen. Lol

Jackie Jean - beautiful family!

shannon - what a beautiful family! and gorgeous photos. love the crisp, clear eyes!

Caylee - These are awesome! We used to be in the same ward in Edmonton – I can’t believe how big their kids are!! Great shots Allison! : )

Tj - Holy….longest post ever!! Love these pictures.

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