The Clutterbuck Family

Meet the Clutterbuck Family. The nicest family. I enjoyed my time with them and watching the boys during the shoot try to climb onto a log to get their picture taken with $300  jeans on and a new pair of shoes. Sigh. Boys. They are all the same. I cannot get over how sweet this next image is. What a cutie! I know. He probably hates being call that… but I love it. I just want to squeeze his cheeks. 

Here are the girlies.

Here are the handsome men.

Ok. I have to point out this boys lips. How is it that boys always get the nicest features??? My husband and son have the LONGEST eyelashes ever. Can you imagine what mascara would do to them? I’ve tried to put it on my husband to see how long they would really look but he will not let me- even pinning him down. Ok. I can’t pin him down….  He’s WAY stronger.  Now, look back at this boy. He has the nicest lips. Perfect Heart. Lucky boy.

Tj - These are sweet!

Manoj Kumar - “Full luscious nicest lips have never been more popular todayNicest Lips

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