Stephanie, Ken and their Dogs

Stephanie and I lived on the same street growing up in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. Sheridan Road to be exact.  My parents still live on the same road in the same house but Stephanie moved away when I was like 8 or 10 or something and this is the first time we have seen each other since! Crazy! I remember her sister used to call me the “Red Headed Woo Pecker”. This is maybe because I was annoying red head?? lol. It is amazing to me to go back to Lethbridge every so often to visit my family and to see the growth of the city and how the trees are so much larger. So many memories there. This is their family. Her Husband Ken and their three dogs, Valquerie, Heimdoll, and Dash Dash. Did I get that right Steph? It took me forever to learn their names. Holy, to all you Pet photographers out there, it is HARD to capture these creatures! They are harder than kids! The only thing I could say to get them to look at me is “treat?” and after a while of me lying they stopped looking. Stephanie, I have to say this because I was so amazed- These dogs sometimes sleep in the master bed with their owners!! I could not believe that when she told me and after seeing all the slobber they produced at the shoot. I would be afraid of my life every night. Look at those chompers. But really, They were super sweet and the images turned out great. Hope you love em steph and ken.

Audrey Litfin - How fun!! Looks like a great family!!

shannon - i love them!! what personalities the dogs have! great shots!

Tj - Great pics Allison! I shot a dog the other day and the only thing to get him to look at me was “Tucker want a treat?” I felt so mean when I didn’t have a treat. He quit looking at me after a while.

Beth Sandusky - I love doggy babies too! They look really great!

Ken Williams - Pics look great. Don`t worry Valkyrie( and Heimdal( cannot spell their names very well, so they wont notice. 😉

Tatum - Dogs are part of our families too! You did a great job taking the pics of them. It couldn’t have been easy but they look gorgeous!

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