Spooky Session’s Part II

This is the rest of my favorite images from my Spooky Sessions. Every one looked soooo adorable and I even had spiderman visit. Thank you for coming and participating.

uuuuhhhhh.. this baby is the cutest thing EVER!
Spiderman! The ONLY adult that braved coming. Thanks Martin… uh I mean… Spiderman.

Ok. Rochelle, the baby above, her mom came up with this “bat girl” outfit. How darling is that. She makes/sews blankets, soother straps, custom car seat bags, taggie blankets… really anything under the sun to do with fabric, she can make it and it is ADORABLE. If you want a gift or are having a baby, check out her stuff at www.sweetpeacouture.net.

HAHA. This picture makes me laugh. He is not impressed with the outfit or the box. Nice box. lol. He is not a cucumber but a hamburger-just brought it home with food from costco and it was sitting in the basement by my shooting stuff. It kept him still for about … uh… 1 second.

THis is my sweet, sensitive boy. Don’t know why the animals got into the picture but they did. This is Q-bear from Kindergarten. Each child in the class gets to bring it home once and take pictures and write a story about their weekend with Q-Bear. I wonder if he ever gets a bath? lol. I should have given him one.
This is my son Rylen and his MEAN face. He is really the sweetest thing ever (although lately he has been kind of a rat). He HATES halloween and the costume thing. I can’t even bribe him with candy to get into a costume. This year he actually didn’t care if he was a football player. He was so cute and collected a lot of candy (yay for me!)

Ashlynn and her cute monkey/hamburger costumes.

Tatum brought this car for Colby. Love it.

Last but not Least, sweet little Kinley.

Just realized that I totally missed taking pictures of my middle son Ansen. Sad.  That poor middle child. I will have to do it tonight. 🙂

Tj - I love the family of superheros! What a cool idea! These are all so cute Allison!

Amber Dosko - I gave him a Qbear a bath last yr when Sass brought it home cause I thought I wonder how often he gets washed:) great pictures!

Jess - What a fun and adorable halloween session!!! LOVE IT!

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