Sarah’s Maternity

This is my sister in law Sarah. She is due next week. I figured I’d better get these up here before her newborn ones! I’m a little behind. HEHE. Cute cute girl. I’m so excited for my new little niece to get here, the first girl grandkid on my husband’s side. No far! I was supposed to have the first girl. I love my 3 boys though and would not ask for anything different. I wish her all the best with the delivery. Happy Pushing Sarah! 🙂

Audrey Litfin - These are beautiful Alli!! I love the 2nd one especially, the accessories are the perfect addition!!

Tj - I wish I looked that cute when I was preggo! Nice work Al.

Fran van Bruggen - Wonderfgul photos of Sarah. I absolutely love the one of Jan and Sarah. Could I get a copy of that one?
Great work Ali!

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