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Meet Paige. I loved to catch up with this family during her session (during feeds of course) …… I’m really blessed that I get to know so many wonderful cool people and they trust me to play with their baby. This is her second baby and her first was a boy…. What a nice change 🙂 Enjoy !!

This is her Grandpas ring that passed away


My little niece Sybil….. doesn’t she look just like a little doll?! I had the privilege of photographing her when she was being delivered and there to meet her as soon as she came into this world. We had fun for her newborn session and it’s time to blog it because she just turned one 🙂 Happy First Birthday Sybil….. Love you!


This family and I were meant to meet. I loved to chat with Alessia’s mom and learning bout her life and that things they have been through. The craziest thing though is they live in the house we lived in 7 years ago. Super small world. I enjoyed my session with Special Alessia. Each one of their FIVE children is such a blessing…….. 🙂 Enjoy Her