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Madison & Makayla

I don’t even know what to say about these two beautiful ladies….. except for holy they are gorgeous!!! They were very willing to accept me and the posing I wanted to do with the… and their older brother  is the cutest thing as well. Momma is a photographer herself. I feel so honoured to be able to capture these for this family as it has been a struggle to have them join their life. I hope these will be enjoyed by many generations…. <3 


This little man belongs to a past co worker of my husband…… their first baby! I remember when I had my first son and my whole world changed- for the better ! I was not as bored anymore and having a little friend all the time is so much nicer than being alone. Enjoy him while he’s little cause my first son is already 13. Goes by so fast. 

This is his Daddy’s toy airplane from when he was a kid 🙂 

Vivian GrInde - That’s my sweet little grandson

the Bledsoe Family

This is my husband’s cousin …. so that makes her my cousin too right?! I’ll take  it!!! These were taken in Salt Lake City, Utah- Ummmmm I could shoot there all day everyday and never get sick of it….. photographers there, be grateful. Seriously, all we have around here is farmer’s  fields and grumpy old farmers that you have to become friends with with cookies to get them to let us use their land for photos. Ugh. We do have mountains but not close to me. So needless to say, it was a dream to photograph here in Salt Lake City and a dream to photograph such a cute little family.