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Nathan & Sonnia

Sonnia and I worked together at the Cross Cancer Institute as Radiation Therapists for a little bit. This was before she was married (Oh, I’m getting so old). Now she has a little man, Nathan who is 4 months old and adorable. He was so good for me. Thank you Nathan. These are to die for Sonnia. I hope you and your family enjoy them as much as I do.

Sam and Justyne Studio

Ok. Hello Gorgeous Girls! I had such a great time with these girls. I cannot get over how Beautiful both of these girls are. Sam is a dancer and Justyne is a Ringette Player. So 3 weeks ago, I was in my basement trying to get my security system to work after a thunderstorm and I was on the phone with some random guy in Ontario who I could not understand… He was frustrating me, so bad  that my foot got caught in my light cord and I yanked it (due to my frustration) and my light fell. My heart dropped. I turned on my strobe light and it turned on. I THOUGHT I was good to go. On the day of the shoot with these girls, I had a feeling all day that I needed to check my lights. Do you think I listened, no. So I had never met these girls or their mom or dance teacher. As I go to start, my lights, not working….. I was sweating buckets.. I seriously tried everything. I was sooo embarrassed. We ended up going outside for a shoot and then the next day when I got a loaner light, we did the indoor shots. Thank YOU SOO much for being so understanding. You guys are awesome. I think it actually turned out better in the long run because we got amazing shots both inside and outside my studio. I will have to do a whole other post of my outdoor shoot with these girlies.

Jill Chamberlain - Love the pics of the girls with just their feet and their hobby- very cool idea!!!

Meet Michelle

Michelle is my husband Jordan’s cousin. Stunning eh? I know. I tried to do a shoot with her last year but our schedules did not work. She goes to school in Utah and came home this summer to work in Waterton, Alberta, Canada (aka. the coolest place). I don’t even think she is dating anyone… maybe she is. Ok. I take that back. But if she isn’t, she is a catch. Fun personality, Beautiful, awesome family….. some guy is going to be super lucky. I have to laugh when I look at the images of Michelle on the boat. We sneaked on there knowing we were going to be kicked off. Whatever. So worth it. Thanks Michelle.

Beth Sandusky - I love the white daisy’s and the the white shirt-great photos! She is so pretty!

marilee - These are so nice Alli. I love them. Thanks for doing these. I’m glad the only day we could do these worked out for both of you. Love your site too. Next time, Laurel will be your subject.

My Boy, Ansen

This is MY son. He is 3. He is the best. I love him. He loves Rockets. He has the most dramatic personality ever and is super feisty…I have no idea where he got this from… maybe Jordan 😉

Bethany - these are all really great alli! good job!

Beth Sandusky - YAY Ansen-One of my very cute nephews!

Jill Chamberlain - My little boyfriend! What a cutie- love him soo much! Great pic!

Leah Fedynak - I love your outdoor shots especially this one of Ansen. I would like to do one for my boy who is obsessed with trains!

UrbanAlliPhotography - Ya. what is up with the train obsession ???….. all of my boys and my nephew… completely obsessed. That would be fun Leah…

SarahReves - Already liked you ;), added Twitter and posted your contest on my profile. Sorry it took me so long. And I am going to call you today and BEG for your peach pie recipe!

Rylen. My 5 Year Old, Curly Haired, Red Head.

This is Rylen. You’d better get to know who my kids are because they are going to on  here A LOT. He just turned 5 and is growing up way to fast. His hair is turning red and I’m soooo happy. I am a red head. How did he start out completely bald, then white hair, now red??!??! Whatever, I’ll take it. I love his hair. Oh and his blue eyes, have no idea where those came from, we are all brown eyes here. Love him.

So this is officially my first post on my new blog and it is sooooooo nice. Is it just me or do my pictures look WAYYYY better here. Look at my boy. He started out with no hair, then when he got hair it was completely white and now, red! How does that happen?? And his blue eyes?? Don’t know where those came from but I love them! He is so excited for his birthday. Everyday he asks me how many more sleeps until his day. He is such a blessing in my life. He has such a caring personality and is so intellagent. Happy Birthday my BOY!
My Husband Jordan Laughed his butt off when he saw this picture of Rylen above on the left of him leaning against the tire. He thinks the scarf and hat are so dumb and he looks ridiculus. He says he is going to use this image to make fun of Rylen at his wedding. Ok. I kind of agree but he is only 5. If he were any older, it would be a bit weird. I’ll take the scarf back to H and M ok!
This is Rylen’s Birthday Invitaion for his 5th Birthday Party. We are really original and are doing the same thing as last year. He wants to have a massive jumpy thing come to our backyard call an Astrojump. It is easy for me because the kids pretty much entertain themselves.