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Rylen. My 5 Year Old, Curly Haired, Red Head.

This is Rylen. You’d better get to know who my kids are because they are going to on ¬†here A LOT. He just turned 5 and is growing up way to fast. His hair is turning red and I’m soooo happy. I am a red head. How did he start out completely bald, then white hair, now red??!??! Whatever, I’ll take it. I love his hair. Oh and his blue eyes, have no idea where those came from, we are all brown eyes here. Love him.

So this is officially my first post on my new blog and it is sooooooo nice. Is it just me or do my pictures look WAYYYY better here. Look at my boy. He started out with no hair, then when he got hair it was completely white and now, red! How does that happen?? And his blue eyes?? Don’t know where those came from but I love them! He is so excited for his birthday. Everyday he asks me how many more sleeps until his day. He is such a blessing in my life. He has such a caring personality and is so intellagent. Happy Birthday my BOY!
My Husband Jordan Laughed his butt off when he saw this picture of Rylen above on the left of him leaning against the tire. He thinks the scarf and hat are so dumb and he looks ridiculus. He says he is going to use this image to make fun of Rylen at his wedding. Ok. I kind of agree but he is only 5. If he were any older, it would be a bit weird. I’ll take the scarf back to H and M ok!
This is Rylen’s Birthday Invitaion for his 5th Birthday Party. We are really original and are doing the same thing as last year. He wants to have a massive jumpy thing come to our backyard call an Astrojump. It is easy for me because the kids pretty much entertain themselves.