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Sarah and Jan

This is Sarah and Jan. This is my husband’s sister. I know, she is pretty eh? Jan, don’t feel left out.. you are pretty too 🙂 They ordered some canvas prints for above their bed and these are some of the images that are going to fill them. It was freakin’ cold out! Why does it have to be so cold already? Sigh. Oh Canada.

Jessica - So amazing!!!! Love the light in these photos. Great looking couple!!

shannon - these are gorgeous!! she is a knockout!! beautiful, beautiful!

ashley - these are super cute!

UrbanAlliPhotography - THanks ladies….

Michelle Kane - Very pretty and lovely session. Wonderful work Allison!

Melissa & Quenton

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to shoot the wedding of Melissa and Quenton. What a beautiful couple! I assisted TJ Aneca Photography with this wedding as she was the main shooter. What a fun (and long) day to spend with another photographer bouncing ideas between each other. The day went awesome. Congrats you two lovebirds!! These are some of my favorite images that I captured. I know TJ got some beautiful ones as well. Check her out.

I know. Random. We found hay bales in the city.
I think Melissa is trying to pretend to run away from Quenton…. but uhh.. not sure what she is doing here. Funny. It is probably hard to run in those sweet pink heals. We had a lot of creepers stop us down town, make weird comments and just stop and stare. I would have felt super awkward. Thanks guys for being up for anything.

Caylee - Wow. These are beautiful ~ awesome work girly! They will be super pumped to get these. : )

Leah - Ummmmmm, you are amazing Allison!! These images have me drooling. Nice work!

Carrie - Wow. I LOVE the location! Is this in Edmonton – I NEED to get pictures in front of that purple wall!!! And, wherever Jan and Sarah got theirs done. Awesome job, Alli! I hate that it’s already SO cold here, too! Why???

shannon - allison, these are stunning! the colors in them all are so rich and beautiful! what a gorgeous set of photos!

UrbanAlliPhotography - Thank you all. It was really fun doing this wedding but sooo much work. How do wedding photographers do it?!!

the Young Women

I LOVE to photograph this AGE. It is my favorite!! Look at all these beautiful women. Seriously. Their mothers should be proud. I was priveleged to do a session for these girls as they are a part of the “Young Women” of my Congregation at Church. I am blessed to be a “Mormon” or part of “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints“. These girls are using these photos for an upcoming event. They follow an amazing goal setting program call “Personal Progress”. Through this program, they become better women, future mothers, and daughters as they set goals for themselves and do great things for the community and their families.

Enjoy these girls! You look soooo good!

Maegan - Very beautiful!

Amy Marshall - The photos are GORGEOUS….just like the young woman. It is so wonderful that you did this for them!!

Amy Earle - I just LOVE these images! I love working with the young women in my ward! (although currently I’m in Cub Scouts…) I love how you captured their sweet innocence and beauty!

UrbanAlli Photography - Thanks guys… it was really fun working with these girls….
Like I said.. I love photographing this age…
Thanks for your comments.

Nolan, Blakely, & Laurel

This photo above, hands down is my favorite image. This is my second time taking pictures for this family and it is crazy how much kids grow in only a few short years! The last time I saw Blakely was when she was a newborn. Now look at her! She was not sure what to think of me the whole shoot. Holy, She made me work. But look at what I got at the VERY end of the shoot. Laurel (her mom) was so good at helping me out. She brought the cutest clothes for her kids. Loved them. I really enjoyed myself today. Thanks Guys! Hope you love them.

This is the face I got most of the time today. She didn’t like me. Sad.

Peace man. Peace. This kid was always doing something funky with his hands. Boys. That is all I have to say.


Here is my little Hawaiian nephew. Yes. He lives in Hawaii. He is soooo cute. Just recently he has become obsessed with trains. His mom and him just came back to Canada to visit for a few weeks. They really missed it here but then soon realized how much they missed Hawaii when they were here. What is up with our weather? Seriously. I’m not ready for Winter. At All. Are you?

Oh, and I have more session available for the September Session Sale. Message me if you are interested.