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Here is my little Hawaiian nephew. Yes. He lives in Hawaii. He is soooo cute. Just recently he has become obsessed with trains. His mom and him just came back to Canada to visit for a few weeks. They really missed it here but then soon realized how much they missed Hawaii when they were here. What is up with our weather? Seriously. I’m not ready for Winter. At All. Are you?

Oh, and I have more session available for the September Session Sale. Message me if you are interested.

September Mini Sessions SALE

I was edited cute little Nathan’s images and I can get enough of his adorable eyes. I had to post just one more of him.

The September SALE, mini session is…. When a session is booked for September 2010, you will receive either three 8×10 professionally mounted prints from that session free  OR 25 press printed Christmas Cards and envelopes with 1 image of your choice from that session free. This is for NEW booked sessions only. Cool eh?! I’m so nice 🙂 Spots are filling quickly. Only a few left. Email or message me.


Look at this Beautiful Woman. I get a phone call the other day from Prosper Magazine in Utah. They asked me to photograph Roz for her upcoming feature article about her success with her  business. The Company “Nu Skin” is an anti-aging company committed to providing quality skin care and nutrition products. Check it out. Hope you like the images Roz. You look great!

I think this one above is my favorite.

Maegan Prince - Very nice!

shannon - these are really, really beautiful! she absolutely glows!

Bednarova - She is beautifull and pleasant and pretty women. I am proud, that she is my friend. B.

Sam and Justyne

You won’t get sick of these girls. He are my favorite outdoor shots of Sam and Justyne.

So my last post, about the near death story…. Here it is….my sister and her 4 little kids headed to the train tracks for this shoot. It was my brilliant idea to take them through the thorny route to the tracks. I ran through fast while I watched my sister curse her way through with 4 screaming kids. OH and I forget to mention that there were a Gazillion mosquitos (I HATE THEM… they are so disgusting!!) that were trying to kill us and suck our blood.  It doesn’t sound like fun but I was laughing so because it was so ridiculiously hard. What a nice sister I am. So we start shooting on the tracks and a train starts coming and it is super close and FAST. I didn’t know what to do because we could not get out fast due to the thorns….. so we got off the tracks as best we could but we were like 3 meters off MAX. with 4 kids. It was insane. It was loud, fast and the steel tracks were moving up and down …. My sister was freaking out thinking one was going to derail and hit us. Lesson learned…. don’t go to tracks that you can’t get off of fast. It was funny to look back on but super scary. The kids scolded me afterwards and told me they would NEVER go back there… ever again.

Rawlie and Rafe

The winner of the free session for October IS………….

SARAH REVES!!!! Congrats Sarah. Email me to book your session. Thank you so much for all the entered. I appreciate all the comments.

Here are my nephews. Aren’t they handsome?? I’m off to bed. Goodnight 🙂

Jessica - AMazing!!!

Caylee - Allison!!! These are awesome, the one with the truck is to die for, canvas worthy for sure!

Urbanalliphotography - They are kind of being geeks in the truck one but…. Yes…. I love it too.. My sister is getting a canvas of that one. We all nearly died on this shoot… I will have to explain in my next post.

Michelle Kane - Your new blog looks awesome. Great set of images, Allison!!!

UrbanAlli Photography - Thanks Michelle.. how was your trip. Holy, that is a lot of driving with 2 kids. You are a brave woman.

Maegan Prince - I love them Thank you!