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The Gunderson Family

This is my best friend Deanna from high school and her little family. How cute are they? Deanna has some good stories about me- I was kind of naive in high school so most of them are of me being dumb. Oh man, Good times Deanna. We grew up in Lethbridge together. Here is her husband Dave and their daughters Lauren and Keira (I have no idea how to spell that Deanna!!). Cuties! 

shannon - oh my goodness! they are so darn adorable!!! great job!

The Anderson Family

What a fun family to shoot. Every one looked so awesome and even Taylor (the only boy) cooperated with me! Which is awesome. 99.9% of all boys HATE Photoshoots, including my husband. Beautiful Family, Beautiful night. I knew this family from our church congregation 5 years ago. I cannot believe how much kids change with time. Off to bed I go. Enjoy!

Caylee - Awesome. What beautiful girls ~ beautiful family. Loooove your outdoor edits girly!

UrbanAlliPhotography - Thanks Caylee!!! The images of the family you just photographed…. so precious.

Evette, Shontelle, and Rochelle

Are you ready to die of cuteness?? Serious. Hold on to something…..

I could not get enough of these girls… so they came to my studio where it was warmer. I think this image below is my new FAVORITE photo right now. I love everything about it. The girls, the chandelier and together it just makes me happy.

My son is going to marry her.

And my other son is going to marry her.

Rochelle has the most gorgeous BIG BROWN eyes you have ever seen!! Love them. Oh and my youngest son is going to marry her.

Have you died yet ?? I have. Sigh. Love.

Jessica - Aww, what adorable little girls!!

Anneli - A'la Foto - Beautiful girls! You have captured them so nicely!

The Roy Family

I got to photograph this adorable family last night. These girls are soooo adorable and their mom had the CUTEST props for them. My son Rylen, went to school last year with Shontelle (who is the oldest girl). She is the sweetest thing. If you talk to her she will answer always with a smile and a giggle. The only problem last night, FREEZING COLD AGAIN! I’m getting annoyed with the weather. I felt so mean, I made these girls stay out in the cold, they were shaking…. You can’t tell though… I let them go in the warm car sometimes…. ūüôā

This is Evette…. SO ADORABLE~~

Oh and we found an apple tree…. the girls liked that… and took a few home to eat.

The polka dot ¬†trunk, I want it…

Sarah Reves - ALLISON CAHOON. You. Are. Freaking. Amazing. GORGEOUS photos, you have me excited for our family session next week (although I know my boys won’t cooperate as well as these two dolls).

shannon - they are gorgeous! both the family and the photos!! i love everything about this session!

Spooky Sessions are here!

I ¬†LOVE halloween. I don’t know what it is about it (besides the fact that I get to eat all my kids candy while they do all the work) but I love it. My oldest son HATES halloween. Like, he will do anything not to get into a costume and he does not even care if he gets candy. I think my husband freaks him out about cavities and needles (he is a dentist) so that he does not want to eat sugar. Thanks honey. I have to stuff him into a costume kicking and screaming so that he is not the only one without a costume. I thought this year would be better. So, I took him to Old Navy this morning to get a costume. He does not like anything on his head so there was the perfect one, without a hat; a Hamburger! It was sooo cute. He ran and hid, from the burger. Weird kid. I love him but this is one of his quirks. We left Old Navy without a costume. Don’t know what I’m going to do about him. BUUUUUTTTT, this is my littlest boy, Shoal. If you like to wear costumes or your kids, come on down to UrbanAlli Studio for my Spooky Sessions October 29th and 30th. If you bring any kind of food for the food bank, you will receive a dollar off the session up to $10 off (so 10 canned/boxed food items) and then prints on top of that. I just want to have fun and see all the cute kids and people in their costumes. Email me soon to book your spot, ¬†Allison@urbanalli.com. Later!

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