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Christmas is coming!!! And so are CARDS!!

Does getting Christmas Cards ready to send out for your Family stress you out!! Let me do it. Add a little luxury to your Christmas Cards this year with my new Luxe Cards. These one-of-a-kind, high end press cards are ideal for holiday cards. Luxe Cards are printed on premium press paper, then die cut into stylish shapes. Choose from Standard or Pearl Paper. Minimum order is 25. They take at 2-3 weeks to order so make sure if you are wanting some to contact me NOW, not 2 weeks before Christmas. No orders Accepted after December 1, 2010.

All orders are a Minimum 25 cards per order. Allow 2-3 weeks for processing. If you buy more, you save more: 2 sets-10% off, 3 sets-15%off, 4 sets-25% off, 5 sets-30%off.

Salutations may be adjustable. Images for cards are provided by UrbanAlli Photography; wether from a past session or a recent session. No outside personal images will be accepted for the cards.

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Melissa, Cam and the Boys.

This first image melts my heart. Watch out girlies. Look at how adorable this kid is. This is Landen (I’m sure I’m spelling it wrong-sorry Melissa). Melissa and Cam were so easy going and I loved their kids. I think I loved them so much because I have 3 boys the same ages. I guess I just like boys 🙂 Melissa and Cam live on an gorgeous acreage just east of Beaumont. We were out there for the shoot. Some day I want to move out there…. so beautiful. Look at what we got….

This is Landen (on the left) at the beginning… not sure what to think of me…..


.. this is after he gets to know me….

This little guy is Conner. He loves this Luke Sky walker figure man. It was cute.

This is baby Reese. Not walking yet but great for me … no chasing!!
Three Handsome Men.

Shannon - They are adorable! Love this session!

Sarah Reves - Great shots and cute boys!

Michelle Kane - Adorable!

The Solbak Family

This is Julie, Kevin, Sydney, Hannah, and Trevor (did I get it right?? I’m so bad with names). I had so much fun with this family. Their kids are sooooo darn cute and have the best personalities. The little girlies were so excited to get your pictures taken. I LOVED it! I met Julie at the Beaumont Gym. She teaches Spin classes there (she is an awesome spin instructor)… when I went. They begun at 6:00am. It was BRUTAL. So I stopped going. It was nice while it lasted but I enjoy my bed more and my treadmill later in the day. I’m pathetic I know. This family was  so fun to work with. 

“Oh Canada, our home and native land”… la la la

Take a close look at this AWESOME picture above. Hannah is sooo talented. She can suck her thumb AND pick her nose at the SAME TIME… not only with 1 finger but 2!!! Awesome. I wish I could do that.

Caylee - Once again great work girly! What a cute lil family.

Shannon - Love these! What a great blue barn. Great looking family!!

Julie - Allison, We absolutely love them! Seriously Ive been looking at them for an hour! they are all fantastic but there are some that are shockingly amazing; T walking with his truck, H on her back in the grass and close up of Syd on the barn. AMAZING & THANK YOU!, Julie S.

Lisa - allison, those pictures are fantastic!! wow! solbaks, you looked great. the one of hannah sucking her thumb and picking her nose?? really??
they are wonderful!

UrbanAlli Photography - I’m soooo happy that you love them Julie!! It is because you guys are such a great family and you have ADORABLE kids. I loved the ones you mentioned as well. Hey, Lisa…. the picking nose one… that is pure talent. Thanks Ladies.

The Prince Family

This is my sister Maegan and her Family. Maegan helped me take my family portraits the same day. I HATE doing family pictures of my own family (ask any photographer and they will say the same thing). I end up leaving my shoot threatening my kids, REALLy Bad. Maegan lives in Summerside and so it only fits to have their portraits done on the docks there.

I don’t think I mentioned the “Grumpy Old Man”. So 1 week prior to this, I took maegan out into a wheat field to do my family portraits. I usually ask permission to do so but there was no house on site and we were not doing any damage, just staying on the “road”. Of course, our crazy kids go off into the wheat and all you can see is their head bobbing up and down. My sister and I then see a man across the street just starring for a long time. So we start yelling at our kids to come back. They finally do. THEN, this VERY grumpy old man (he was creepY) comes over and starts just yelling at us. I’m surprised he did not bring a gun. We were in the wrong but he didn’t have to be such a grump. Holy. Maegan’s daughter was like, “I though Old Mcdonald was supposed to be nice?” lol.

My kids talked about the “Grumpy Old man for days”. At the time, I was trying to be nice but afterwards I thought of all these nasty things I should have said to him. I guess I have to keep my inner dragon tamed around my kids. I can’t help it. I’m a red head. We didn’t even up doing portraits there. I want to either bake him cupcakes and drop them off because I feel sorry for him that he is such a mean old man or put a flaming bag of poop on his doorstep and run. I can’t decide. 

Amber Dosko - You are so talented, Beautiful pictures

Beth Sandusky - LOVE them-so cute-looks like it is getting easier for all the kids to smile at the same time-fun and smiley!

UrbanAlliPhotography - Thanks guys. Beth, I think I’m just getting more funny. So the kids actually laugh with me now.. or maybe it’s at me and I’m just funny looking. Whatever it is, It’s working. Can’t wait to see you and Liam and Brennan too!

Josette - Great story about the grumpy old man! I was laughing at your last comment, cupcakes or poo! Your sister has a beautiful family and a great location!

The Reves Family

This is my good friend Sarah and her family. Sarah’s oldest son Zachery went to preschool last year with  my oldest son. What a cute little family eh? Beautiful day we had as well. It is September and it was 22 degrees. AMAZING. For all you who live in warm places, yes, this is warm and I don’t know what the conversion to fahrenheit would be. Enjoy Sarah. You guys look awesome and Jacob worked it.

Ok. I had to add this. Sorry Sarah. According to Tom (who is Sarah’s Husband) This is part of the family as well. 🙂 He loves his jeep. Ok, Sarah,  now you can slap Tom. 

Susan Marshall - The pictures are beautiful. You did an awesome job!

Sarah Reves - Allison, you are awesome. We love the pictures and how well you worked with the kids (they can be challenging to work with 😉 ). Wish I would have taken a picture of YOU…in bunny ears, playing a harmonica, jumping up and down, and taking our family photos…now THAT is a talented photographer. Great eye, so artistic. Thank you!!’

Mary Anne De Colle - These pictures are so beautiful!!!! What a wonderful family. Even the jeep looks fantastic!

UrbanAlli Photography - Thanks ladies…. beautiful Family!!1