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Ainsley & Keith

It’s been a long time blog….. here a post for ya. These are Tanya’s Kids. Love Ainsley’s Red hair. My husband is a Dentist in Camrose, Alberta and Tanya (who’s kids these are) is one of his assistants. He has such sweet staff. He is a lucky guy. Tanya decided to do this session instead of school pictures-I totally agree. My son’s school pictures are HIDEOUS. Ummm.. do they not know that the bright blue blackgrounds are out of date? and when they do a head tilt it’s like all the way to their shoulder…  lol Does anyone remember class pictures with the hot air balloons as a backdrop? OH man, Classic. Maybe I’ll get some for my studio.

She is now melting down. I have these sometimes. I look just like this when I do it. 🙂

shannon - these are gorgeous!! what beautiful kids….and beautiful photos!
her hair is tdf!! ♥

Caylee - What cute kids and yes, 100 times better than the sick school photos!! 😉 Love the hair on that girl.

Skye - So cute Allison!!! These are so fresh and gorgeous, I love them!

Beth Sandusky - I LOVE RED HEADS!

Stephanie Williams - If you had a little girl this is what she would like! So cute!


Natalie is so darling. I had so many fun things planned for her but she decided from the moment she stepped foot into my studio that she did not like what we were doing or me. We still got to do some of my ideas and it helped when her mommy disappeared to the potty for a LONG time. This girl knows what she wants. Darling girl. Thanks for bringing her Heather. Can you even tell Heather is pregnant? YEs, she is due in like 1 month. I wish I were that small when I was that far a long pregnant. She looks great. 

This is her Chuckee ChEEEEEEse smile.

Tj - I just bought the same grey backdrop yesterday! Love how it looks and can’t wait to use it. These turned out great. You’d never guess she didn’t like the camera.

Alli - That is funny.. we must have similar tastes… I Like it too….

Shanna - So darling! Love all of ’em lady!!! Your spooky sessions are great too. Fun stuff!

Melissa Corcoran - Such a cutie! Wonderful clarity to your work, as always!

Audrey Litfin - What a little cutie pie!!! Love her little outfits 🙂

Cindy S - she is a living doll! I LOVE her hair accessories and outfits..

Spooky Session’s Part II

This is the rest of my favorite images from my Spooky Sessions. Every one looked soooo adorable and I even had spiderman visit. Thank you for coming and participating.

uuuuhhhhh.. this baby is the cutest thing EVER!
Spiderman! The ONLY adult that braved coming. Thanks Martin… uh I mean… Spiderman.

Ok. Rochelle, the baby above, her mom came up with this “bat girl” outfit. How darling is that. She makes/sews blankets, soother straps, custom car seat bags, taggie blankets… really anything under the sun to do with fabric, she can make it and it is ADORABLE. If you want a gift or are having a baby, check out her stuff at www.sweetpeacouture.net.

HAHA. This picture makes me laugh. He is not impressed with the outfit or the box. Nice box. lol. He is not a cucumber but a hamburger-just brought it home with food from costco and it was sitting in the basement by my shooting stuff. It kept him still for about … uh… 1 second.

THis is my sweet, sensitive boy. Don’t know why the animals got into the picture but they did. This is Q-bear from Kindergarten. Each child in the class gets to bring it home once and take pictures and write a story about their weekend with Q-Bear. I wonder if he ever gets a bath? lol. I should have given him one.
This is my son Rylen and his MEAN face. He is really the sweetest thing ever (although lately he has been kind of a rat). He HATES halloween and the costume thing. I can’t even bribe him with candy to get into a costume. This year he actually didn’t care if he was a football player. He was so cute and collected a lot of candy (yay for me!)

Ashlynn and her cute monkey/hamburger costumes.

Tatum brought this car for Colby. Love it.

Last but not Least, sweet little Kinley.

Just realized that I totally missed taking pictures of my middle son Ansen. Sad.  That poor middle child. I will have to do it tonight. 🙂

Tj - I love the family of superheros! What a cool idea! These are all so cute Allison!

Amber Dosko - I gave him a Qbear a bath last yr when Sass brought it home cause I thought I wonder how often he gets washed:) great pictures!

Jess - What a fun and adorable halloween session!!! LOVE IT!

Kalel: Spooky Session

This if my friend Kitta’s Boy, Kalel. He is the cutest thing. Isn’t his name cool too?  I want him back in his normal clothes now for another session. He was so good the whole time. His big brown eyes are going to be his gift when he’s older. Adorable little turtle.

The Spooky Sessions went great! I have a ton of fun images to put on here. I’m for sure going to be doing these sessions again next year. We brought in a lot of food to donate to the food bank which is awesome for those who don’t have a lot of food. Thank you for those who participated and donated!

Tj - Bhaaaa…he is soooo cute!! What a darling costume.

Audrey Litfin - What a cutie pie 🙂 That first shot is just priceless.

Josette - Alli……….I love these!!
What a great idea for sessions~

He is such a cute little turtle…..OM gosh.

love them all, but really love the last one.

Hope you are well!

shannon - oh my goodness gracious!!! these make me smile ear to ear!! so fantastic!

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