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Vancouver Trip with Ansen

My Husband had a Course these past few days in Langley, BC so Ansen and I decided to go along. I sometimes feel bad for him being the middle child as he does not get all the attention he wants. He needs A LOT. He is going to be my goof ball clown when he is older. He makes everyone laugh. I could barely take any pictures of him because he is always making a face. Nice. I was sooo looking forward to no snow there and the morning I work up, it was snowing a ton! I was sad but a few hours later is started to melt. I think I prefer snow to rain. We got to go to the Vancouver Aqaurium, Yogi Bear (by the way, DON’T go see-sooo dumb), and shopping. I loved every minute I got my spend with my little guy.

Coming up for March is going to be “MARCH MINI’S”. These are going to be “MINI” sessions, 1/2 hour long. I’ll give you all the details soon. There will only be 5 spots. If you have been wanting to get some pictures done by UrbanAlli Photography but don’t have a ton of extra cash, these are great because the session fee is going to be cheap. These will only happen this March. Stay Tuned.

Audrey Litfin - Adorable, that last one just makes me smile 🙂

Tracy - I know I say this all the time but really your kids are so cute and you take some really amazing pictures. I am glad that you had such a great time with your little man. 🙂

Tj - He is such a Ham!! What a cutie Allison.

Tj - He is such a ham! What a cutie Allison!

Leah Fedynak - Allison, I love the second photo of him looking in the snow. You are so lucky to have so many great photos of your boys that you can look back on.

Alli - Thanks ladies! These all make me smile as well. HE is such a funny kid.

Valentines Session!!!

So here is the lo down. I’m going to set aside one day for this session. This is a 20 minute session.  You will get 20-40 images to view in a password protected gallery online to choose your images for your Valentines. The Session is discounted to $100 which also includes one set of 25 press printed Valentines of your choice and envelopes. The cards themselves are normally $62.50 but with this session you get them for FREE. I only have a few spots available. It will take place Saturday January 15 from 10am-12pm and from 2pm-4pm Email me if you are interested. 

jessica - Dude. I freaking LOOOOVE these cards!!!!! Dang I wish we were closer!

Libby and Madge Valentines Session

So I lied. My NEXT post will be all about and show the Valentines Promotion with the sample Valentines. I just had to post my nieces session before. UH, aren’t they cute?! I love how I don’t have to tell libby anything, she just poses. She even requested to have one with the fan blowing her hair (the last one). These are going to make ADORABLE valentines. 

This one in my FAV!

Work it Libby. Work it!

Tj - What darling little girlies!! I need those backdrops!

Skye - WOWWWWWW!!! So freaking cute!! Seriously gorgeous! They worked the clothes, the background, everything. They are beautiful little girls, how fun!

Jolayne - Okay, they know what they are doing!! As opposed to my children! Haha They are such beautiful girls, and Maegan, where the heck did you get those boots?

Lenka - Gorgeous!! Love these!

kristin cook - These are soooo cute! You can just tell these girls are filled w/ sweetness 🙂

Valentines Sessions Coming!

To get my boys sitting all together and not pounding each others faces or acting like retards is simply a miracle. Love this image. The perfect one for their Valentines. You want to do something different this year?? Get a session done for your kids or yourself and print Valentines! The next post will explain everything. Enjoy my boys. I can’t believe how fast they are growing.

Lindsey Wilson - Alli-
This is awesome. I can just picture, “Ok, boys. Sit nicely with your arms folded and DON’T HIT!” That’s how it would be at my house anyway. You’re so talented! Happy New Year!

Tj - Cute Allison!

Kari - I LOVE these pictures! Very cute! And I can’t believe how grown up your boys are getting – wow!


I know pathetic. I’m blogging Christmas Day. Merry Christmas!!! I hope you all had a good one. All my kids are in bed, my house is clean and now I want to relax-so I’m doing pictures (I find this super relaxing). I photographed this little guys a few days ago. What a cutie. I LOVE photographing 6 month babes. ….. they just sit there and can’t get away. I love it. He is from Ontario but was in the Edmonton Area visiting some family and his mother brought him in for some pics. So glad that Amber did because I love them all.

I want to thank all of my Clients, Family, Mentors and Friends for supporting my love of photography this past year. I could not do it without your support. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Enjoy the rest of the Holidays and have a Happy New Year!!

Melody White - I LOVE this session what a cutie! Where did you find that awesome tie?

Becky Eastman - Oh I love these! What a darling little guy and you did so good photographing and editing these!