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Mini Session: Sandra and Family

This is one of my first “Mini Session’s” this month. Thank you for all of you that booked for those. They are  a “Mini” version of a full session. We were able to get some awesome images in a short period of time. What a sweet family this is. They were super easy going and the youngest, Logan was hilarious. If you just looked at him, he could break out laughing so hard that I thought he was going to pee his pants. It was hilarious. He must bring such joy to their home. You guys were awesome!! Enjoy.


This is sweet Jacob. He is 3 days old but he decided that he was going to be awake his whole session (besides these images). He is the most alert newborn I have ever photographed. Lucky Rene! lol. He was such a sweetie though and his little whimper was so cute. 

Caylee - Oh he is so super sweet! Congrats Renee, he is a keeper for sure!

shannon - so adorable!!

Renee - Allison, the pictures are beautiful. I love them!


This is Sweet Emily. She was such a cutie. She didn’t poop or pee her whole session either. I’m loving these babies. So clean! You could tell she was a girl, without the bows and ribbons. She is a lucky girl and already has beautiful eyelashes. Congrats!!

jessica - Um, for presh!!!! I love how soft these are. Beautiful job!

Allison - ha ha ha… jessica. I laughed when I read your comment…. so cute… but what the heck does for presh mean?? I’m obviously outta the loop… love the saying… excited to talk on Monday.

shannon - what a beautiful baby! gorgeous photos of her, allison!

Ashley & Mike

This is Ashley and her boyfriend Mike. Aren’t they both gorgeous people? I could take pictures of them all day long. Ashley’s mom had “life” happen and had to go to the hospital. She was in a very sad mood and I felt helpless and was wondering what I could do to help her feel some sort of happiness. Pictures make me happy and so I thought I would secretly have Ashley and her boyfriend come over and we would surprise her mom with these images. SHHHH… I don’ think she has seen them yet but when she does…. hope she loves em and it makes her day! You have a Beautiful girl Robin. 

jessica - Wow. These are incredible, what a great couple!

Ashley - Allison, thank you so much for this chance to make us feel in the spotlight for this hour and a half, haha. The pictures turned out so well! Your SUCH a talented woman! Its so special having someone like you in my familys life. Were so blessed to know such a woman like yourself. Your talents have come so far, and me and mike would absolutely love the chance to be able to do pictures with you again! Thanks again Allison, it will never go un-appreciated! 🙂

Jen - It’s Ashley!! I didn’t even recognize her at first! Wow! Great job!

Caylee - These are awesome! What a beautiful girl, what a thoughtful gift, way to go girly. 🙂

shannon - wow!! these are stunning!!! how could you not smile looking at these!


Meet Greyson. The most well behave newborn EVER!!! He didn’t poop or pee his whole 1 1/2 hours his diaper was off. He stayed asleep the whole time and only whimpered so cute a few times. What a doll. I just can’t stop looking at him. He is darling.

Just got back from WPPI which is an American conference for Professional Wedding and Portrait Photographers in Las Vegas. I met so many wonderful people. I think it is so important to network with others. I love the drive and passion we all have for photography-it is truly inspiring. I came away loaded with new knowledge, new friends, and new ideas to share with you, my clients. I will have to do a whole other post on WPPI and my “new things!”.

Until then, keep enjoying baby Greyson.

Caylee - AAAHHHH! Love them all! Great job girly, and what a sweet tiny man – really no pee or poo for an hour and a half?! That must be some kind of newborn session record! Fabulous photos.

Audrey Litfin - These just make me melt, he looks so so precious! That first one is perfection especially, so many great ones!!

Jenn - Beeyoutiful!

Grandma & Grandpa - Pretty cute. One Hawaiian outfit is on it’s way. Don’t grow too fast Greyson. Ha ha.

Michelle Kane - Totally precious. Sorry I missed you this year at WPPI. Next year!!