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Meet Kristen. This is her first pregnancy and she is having a girl! Her mother just passed away from Lung Cancer a month ago and this was going to be her first grandchild. It was very touching talking with Kristen about her mother. I worked as a Radiation Therapist at the Cross Cancer Institute before I had children and I saw many amazing people and did my best to help people through very traumatic situations. Kristen was beautiful and I’m sure her mom is so proud and watching over her and her new daughter.

These two necklaces Kristen’s mother gave her and her daughter to be born before she passed. 

Bonnie - Beautiful…very touching. Love that last pic especially.

Jackie Boehm - Alison these pictures are absolutely gorgious. You have such a wonderful heart and ability. My heart goes out to Kristin, her mom will be a guardian Angel.

the Malner Family

I had to reschedule with the “Malner’s” like 50 times due to illness, weather, travel plans, who knows what else … finally it happened and I’m so happy it did. Look at these beauties. Serious. How are they so gorgeous?? I wanted to post this tonight because I wanted to let future clients and current clients of a SALE. Some of the companies I deal with are very random in their sales and I never know when they are coming but when they do, I like to pass them on to you!

So here it is.

8 x 10 METAL PRINTS (YES the image is printed on metal) are only $52 until tomorrow at 10pm. They are normally $90 each. These never go on sale and I want everyone who wants them to get as many as you can because they are seriously gorgeous. If you want to see the, come to my house and check them out and ooo and ahhh over them. I can garuntee you will want to sleep with them they are so cool. So really, until tomorrow at 10, they are only $12 more than a normal 8×10 print and they are ready to hang or go on a desk and you don’t have to buy a frame! They make the colors soooo amazing and popalicious (I just made that up).

You can order from previous sessions, or if you have a future session, you can take part as well. You can buy as many as you want and put the images in later. Sound good. K. Email me at Allison@urbanalli.com. I’m off to bed.


jessica - Way cute session Allison! How do you get that many beautiful people in on ffamily!?

baby Jarom and sister Scarlett

Guess how old this handsome boy is……

you would think days for awesome he slept for me. He was 5 going on 6 weeks old and was a super sleeper for me. His Sister Scarlett (love her name) came along along with mom and Grandma. They were such a help.

Barb - So adorable! I love the finished product. I love them and I am SO glad my mom nagged me until I called you for the appointment. I will treasure these photos. Thank you!

Caylee - So dang cute!! That is some awesome posing for his age, and she is a doll. Great shots all around. 🙂

Audrey Litfin - You are rockin’ the newborns girl!!

Alysha - Beautiful!!! Barb’s kids are so stinkin’ cute!!!!!

shannon - oh so cute!! big sister is just the cutest thing ever!! beautiful shots!

baby Nate

Meet baby Nate. I’m so loving all of these babies coming my way lately. It makes me get my fill and then they can go home for the night. I’m going to a workshop this September just strictly for Newborns and I’m so excited to perfect them. They are definitely an art. What a sweetheart he is.

He got a little tired here, no more posing.

Audrey Litfin - So so cute!! That last one is adorable, he does look exhausted 🙂

jessica - It’s hard work being a baby! LOL!! GORGeous photos Allison!

shannon - love that last one!!!
what workshop are you going to? i’d love to do that!