Nolan, Blakely, & Laurel

This photo above, hands down is my favorite image. This is my second time taking pictures for this family and it is crazy how much kids grow in only a few short years! The last time I saw Blakely was when she was a newborn. Now look at her! She was not sure what to think of me the whole shoot. Holy, She made me work. But look at what I got at the VERY end of the shoot. Laurel (her mom) was so good at helping me out. She brought the cutest clothes for her kids. Loved them. I really enjoyed myself today. Thanks Guys! Hope you love them.

This is the face I got most of the time today. She didn’t like me. Sad.

Peace man. Peace. This kid was always doing something funky with his hands. Boys. That is all I have to say.

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