Miss Charlotte. 10 days

Charlotte was 10 days old when photographed her and weighed 8 lbs 11 ounces. She looked big in the pictures I saw on facebook before I saw her in real life but she was as tiny and cute as can be when she came to  my house. Charlotte has 2 older darling sisters as well that came for the end of the shoot. She kept giving me such cute half smiles throughout… think I caught them all 😉 Such a pleasure photograph!

Bow from Love Crush Bowtique

Hat that I learned how to knit <3 Have I mentioned that I love knitting???  My husband thinks I’m such a granny.

Hat from Lil’ Owl Knitts.

Head peice from Cozette Couture.

Julie Smith - Allison, Nancy is one of my oldest and best friends and these pictures are just beautiful! Ava and Ella look great too, good work!

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