Melissa & Quenton

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to shoot the wedding of Melissa and Quenton. What a beautiful couple! I assisted TJ Aneca Photography with this wedding as she was the main shooter. What a fun (and long) day to spend with another photographer bouncing ideas between each other. The day went awesome. Congrats you two lovebirds!! These are some of my favorite images that I captured. I know TJ got some beautiful ones as well. Check her out.

I know. Random. We found hay bales in the city.
I think Melissa is trying to pretend to run away from Quenton…. but uhh.. not sure what she is doing here. Funny. It is probably hard to run in those sweet pink heals. We had a lot of creepers stop us down town, make weird comments and just stop and stare. I would have felt super awkward. Thanks guys for being up for anything.

Caylee - Wow. These are beautiful ~ awesome work girly! They will be super pumped to get these. : )

Leah - Ummmmmm, you are amazing Allison!! These images have me drooling. Nice work!

Carrie - Wow. I LOVE the location! Is this in Edmonton – I NEED to get pictures in front of that purple wall!!! And, wherever Jan and Sarah got theirs done. Awesome job, Alli! I hate that it’s already SO cold here, too! Why???

shannon - allison, these are stunning! the colors in them all are so rich and beautiful! what a gorgeous set of photos!

UrbanAlliPhotography - Thank you all. It was really fun doing this wedding but sooo much work. How do wedding photographers do it?!!

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