Liam, Brennan, and Beth

This is my New baby nephew Liam! I just got to meet him a couple of weeks ago. My brother Brennan and his wife Beth live in Kalispel, Montana and so we only get to see them a few times a year. Their son Liam is such a talker. When you get his attention and start talking to him he goes crazy and makes all these talking noises back. It is so cute and funny. For every shoot, the first few images I’m always testing my lighting, as I was doing this and they weren’t “posing” I saw this! It is my favorite one of the whole bunch. I love how you can see the love. 

This is him talking to Beth.

Beth Sandusky - I LOVE THEM-they look so great!!! THANK YOU!!

Tj - I LOVE the first one. Such a sweet moment. What a cute fam.

Tatum - What beautiful eyes, they just sparkle!

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