I LOVE Summer!

I don’t know anyone that is not in Love with summer. Long Long days, staying dark til 10 at night and getting light at 4 in the morning (at least where I live it does this). Sigh*** I wish this could be all year long. I guess we have to endure the winter so that we can enjoy the summer even that much more. I just want to post some random life pictures on my blog since I always have just sessions and not much just everyday stuff. These were all taken in Eureka Montana (which by the way is GORGEOUS). We just got back from there this weekend and had such a blast. This picture of my boys chasing is the story of my life. They do this ALL the time. I didn’t get a picture of my oldest Rylen as he was acting retarded (which is usual as well). These are the way they look most of the time. Yes, my youngest Shaol has food all over his face and a chunk of food by his eye brow. This is so funny because he actually is like this all the time, not because I don’t clean him but he is eating all the time and always messy.

Here’s to summer- Minus the Misquotes. Sick.

This is my new (old) bike. I love it.

Audrey Litfin - These are so precious, just such sweet captures. Makes me smile. And yes, I LOVE summer!!!

Carrie - I love these summer pictures, your boys are so cute! I CAN’T WAIT until it’s hot out!

Tatum - Isn’t life supposed to be like this! Adorable boys and awesome pics!

katie moss - Your boys are adorable! We need to do a set up with our kids when they get older.
Thanks for the tips in Hawaii it was awesome. I still wish I would have flown you out to get some family picts of us!

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