Dena Maternity

This is Dena. So Beautiful right? I’m so excited for their little guy to arrive in February. I’m sure he will be darling. This is her first boy. Speaking of boys…. I have 3. I’m not a huge public announcer kind of person but just so you know…. I’m pregnant. There I did it…… And it’s a girl!!!!! I’m still dying over this fact. I really just expected a girl as that is what I seem to only be able to make thus far.  I love my boys but I’m so beyond excited to meet this little girl. Oh man. So I’m 22 weeks along I think and things seem to be going well. If you have any cute girl names, send them my way. I would LOVE to hear them!! 

Mandi Sharpe - Yay for Baby Girls! So happy to hear 🙂

This woman is a beauty (those eyes!!). I love all her shirts, especially the last one with all the flower embellishments.
Great photo’s Allison!

Lynzey - These photos are absolutely stunning! I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Dena, and her husband since we were all knee-high to a grass-hopper! The wonderful thing about her is she is just as beautiful inside as she is outside, you did a wonderful job capturing her beauty! I love the pictures!

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