The Solbak Family

This is Julie, Kevin, Sydney, Hannah, and Trevor (did I get it right?? I’m so bad with names). I had so much fun with this family. Their kids are sooooo darn cute and have the best personalities. The little girlies were so excited to get your pictures taken. I LOVED it! I met Julie at the Beaumont Gym. She teaches Spin classes there (she is an awesome spin instructor)… when I went. They begun at 6:00am. It was BRUTAL. So I stopped going. It was nice while it lasted but I enjoy my bed more and my treadmill later in the day. I’m pathetic I know. This family was  so fun to work with. 

“Oh Canada, our home and native land”… la la la

Take a close look at this AWESOME picture above. Hannah is sooo talented. She can suck her thumb AND pick her nose at the SAME TIME… not only with 1 finger but 2!!! Awesome. I wish I could do that.

Caylee - Once again great work girly! What a cute lil family.

Shannon - Love these! What a great blue barn. Great looking family!!

Julie - Allison, We absolutely love them! Seriously Ive been looking at them for an hour! they are all fantastic but there are some that are shockingly amazing; T walking with his truck, H on her back in the grass and close up of Syd on the barn. AMAZING & THANK YOU!, Julie S.

Lisa - allison, those pictures are fantastic!! wow! solbaks, you looked great. the one of hannah sucking her thumb and picking her nose?? really??
they are wonderful!

UrbanAlli Photography - I’m soooo happy that you love them Julie!! It is because you guys are such a great family and you have ADORABLE kids. I loved the ones you mentioned as well. Hey, Lisa…. the picking nose one… that is pure talent. Thanks Ladies.

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