the Fiorito family

It was such a pleasure to photograph the Fiorito family. They are from Ontario and were in Western Alberta for a wedding. Dana and I have been friends online for a while and they wanted me to take the family pictures while they were out here. It was so fun to meet her and her family in person! Have you ever met an online friend before in person? Her family was seriously so sweet and reminded me so much of mine. Three crazy boys and then one girl for the youngest. Their ages were so similar too! I loved their outfits.

Denise O'Donnell - Allison you did such an incredible job with Dana’s gorgeous family! What I wouldn’t give to even have just one of these amazing pictures of my family together like this. I know Dana has to be beyond thrilled with these!

Tj Aneca - Absolutely beautiful!! What a darling family Dana. Al….you did an amazing job capturing this cute family.

Dana - My heart is wrapped up in these photos. Each photo tells a story of my family. Alli, you have such a gift. Thank you for passing it on. Love ya!!

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