Rylen, Ansen, and Shoal. Mine.

So I never post or really take a ton of photos of my kids. I really need to do this more. I announced this morning we were doing pictures today and my oldest protested, “I hate pictures”. I told him that if he was good then it would not be long. He agreed- It was not hard to persaude him but he told me he was going to be so good that I would only have to take 1. Well, I took 75. I’m sneaky 🙂 I decided to go topless??!! lol not me… the kids……. Didn’t feel like searching for clothes… so the absence of them is easiest right? My skinny little boys. Some day they will be muscles and eat more I hope. My little kindergarten boy, Ansen is so small. Everyday I hope for a growth spurt.

So these are my boys.

This is what I’m doing behind the scenes everyday. Love them- Although this weekend I could have give them away. My husband was camping – yes, in the winter and so I was single.

Rylen: Oldest, blue eyes, grade 1, loves golf, lego, star wars, 6 years old

Ansen: Middle, Brown eyes, Kindergarten, Mischeivous, loves to swim, likes fruit shakes I make him, 5 years old, Stubborn but yet loving

Shoal: Youngest, Brown eyes, Still naps (so nice), gets picked on but usually starts the fights, likes to bug his older brothers, loves his soother and monkey, sneaky, 2 years old

And now I’m having a girl…… should be interesting eh? Any guesses what she’ll look like?

Christina - Your boys are gorgeous! The addition of a baby girl will be such a blessing for your family! I have two boys and always wonder what life would be like with a girl.

Josette Hayes - Alli~ Wow your boys are just beautiful. I can’t wait to see what your little girl will look like!
Apparently, I haven’t been on your blog for awhile because I just checked out these last few newborns too and WOW, take your breath away kind of images!

Jackie Boehm - Allison, you have the cutest boys! and your photograpy as usual is so wonderful. What a gift you have! I was happy for you to hear you were having a girl. We had two sons before having April. It is nice having both. I have no doubt she will be as pretty as her mother 🙂 and your pictures of her will enhance her beauty!

Jackie Boehm

Jamie - Wonderful photo of your boys. Oh David and Rylen are so alike. so sad we are not nearby anymore! Can’t wait to see the baby girl too.

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