Melissa, Cam and the Boys.

This first image melts my heart. Watch out girlies. Look at how adorable this kid is. This is Landen (I’m sure I’m spelling it wrong-sorry Melissa). Melissa and Cam were so easy going and I loved their kids. I think I loved them so much because I have 3 boys the same ages. I guess I just like boys 🙂 Melissa and Cam live on an gorgeous acreage just east of Beaumont. We were out there for the shoot. Some day I want to move out there…. so beautiful. Look at what we got….

This is Landen (on the left) at the beginning… not sure what to think of me…..


.. this is after he gets to know me….

This little guy is Conner. He loves this Luke Sky walker figure man. It was cute.

This is baby Reese. Not walking yet but great for me … no chasing!!
Three Handsome Men.

Shannon - They are adorable! Love this session!

Sarah Reves - Great shots and cute boys!

Michelle Kane - Adorable!

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