For the Little Ones Workshop

Here are some workshop images from another that I went to in Utah about a month ago. I was able to hang out and get taught by Katie Moss (Peek A Boo Photography) and Skye Johansen (Skye Johansen Photography). So so so so so fun. Holy cow. What adorable girls and their studios were to die for. Prop Heaven. Serious. They both had the cutest modes for us and beautiful things to give us as well. It was a great learning experience. It was also fun to see Skye. We used to work together at a scrapbook store in Lethbridge, Alberta. Her mom owned the store and I worked there in grade 12. It was good times. I have not seen her for probably 10 years or more and so it was super fun to get together. I so wish I could live closer to them. It would amazing to create with these girlies. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge!! Your the best!!

Michelle Kane - Lucky you! You did such amazing work here. Love it all!!!

Audrey Litfin - These are so so awesome, so many great little props!! Looks like a fantastic workshop!!

Tj - Awwww….so jealous you already went! Can’t wait til August!! These look awesome Allison!

Teresa - Darling pictures! I’ve been looking at your blog ever since I met you at Katie’s. I’m a mom to one of the babies you photographed & would love to have a copy of your photo too!? It’s beautiful!

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