I know I say this every time… but this baby was so sweet. How cannot you not just instantly fall in love with him. Staying home tonight on a Friday night (not that my Friday nights are overall exciting usually)- but I actually had something fun planned and now I get to stay home. Maybe I can get some editing done 😉

Hat from Two Crafty Momma’s <3
Hat by ME
Hat by me. 
And this is one of my hats (for my head)- we call them toques – pronounced “tuke” here in Canada- I believe everywhere else you called toques “winter hats”. Anyways… liked the color- so he got to use it as a cocoon 

Denise O'Donnell - Absolutely ADORABLE! He’s so precious. His parents have got to be so thrilled with these pictures of him.

Lyndsay - Oh Ali, the shot of the little one in the basket with his brother, absolutely the most stunning!

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